small walk in closet ideas

small walk in closet ideas

small walk in closet ideas

small walk in closet ideas

Older homes tend to be burdened with small closets. Without resorting to a major renovation, the small sized closets must be accepted as a fact of life. An assortment of small closet ideas are helpful for the owners of older homes to get the most out of their limited closet space.  Small closets do not have to be a burden.

I have often wondered why large older homes have such small closets. When I say older homes I am speaking of homes built before 1920. The only answer I can come up with is that families in that age had less stuff. It is the only logical answer I can think of. The average family had more children and therefore 3 or 4 bedrooms were required but in general had many fewer personal belongings.

When I think of my grandmother, I am even more certain of my answer. My grandmother, though of comfortable means, had 3 nice coats: a winter coat, a rain coat and a spring fall coat. The idea that she needed 7 coats was absurd to her. Furthermore, once a coat became worn or tattered she would get rid of it. The same went for her entire wardrobe: a few dresses, a few skirts, a few sweaters. A small closet design suited her just fine.

Sadly, these days people accumulate material possessions in a manner unheard of 70 years ago. As a result they are bulging out of their closets. The small closets of years gone by do not suit the accumulative urges of the modern family and accordingly people are searching for small closet ideas.

My best small closet idea is to get rid of 50% of what your own. I am not kidding but I am also not hopeful that many people will take up my advice. I am willing to wager that most people would not really even notice if they were to lose the least desirable half of their junk. While I realize that there is often a psychological attachment to belongings, for example, safety, power, a feeling of wealth, most people would not miss most of their junk.

The small closets in older homes force people to limit their belongings. A failure to limit your belongings will result in a cluttered and unattractive home. Only keep the items that are useful or beautiful. Never keep anything worn out or broken. The best small closet design idea is to limit your belonging to what you really need and get rid of the rest.

By Jane A. Moore

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